Podcast Round-Up

Last week, I had the pleasure of stopping by three of my favorite podcasts to talk about Significant Zero and so much more.

Learn about my failed career as a teenage mall thief on Vidjagame Apocalypse, Ep. 231!

On Rebel FM, Ep. 384, I introduce you to the insanity that is Brewster McCloud and explain why Playdead’s latest game, INSIDE, is actually a comedy.

And finally, on Author Stories, Ep. 225 with Hank Garner, I talk about how I went from writing video games to a book, and how I was totally unprepared for both.

What are you waiting for? The weekend is upon us. You’ve got 48 uninterrupted hours to let my silky-smooth voice fill your ears. Hit play now.



That’s right! My book did not come out today, which is the day that would make sense since I’m just now posting about it. No, it came out yesterday. The day before today. Why am I late? Well, you see, I was very busy trying to not freak out. Unsurprisingly, freaks outs are less likely to occur the further you are from the internet. And that’s why I didn’t post about my book coming out yesterday. Yes. That is the reason. It had absolutely nothing to do with me being curled in a chair reading Spider-Man comics all day. Nothing whatsoever.



I Blame You for This

Once upon a time – and we’re talking way back in the early 90s – a writer was just a fragile egoist who put lies to paper in the hope that it would cause some poor schmuck to throw coins at the writer’s face. Today, in our sleek future world of jet-packs and video-phones, us writers are still delicate narcissists who trade falsehoods for face coins, but we are also BRANDS! You know what that means.

Now I have a website. Ho-Ho-Ho.

I’m running bare bones for now, but there’s a lot to come. There will be blogging, cooking, podcasting, short stories, comics, and anything else I can think of to help me procrastinate. At the moment, I’m busy with the release of my new book – Significant Zero – which comes out this Tuesday, September 19. Once that’s done, I’ll be fleshing things out and posting on the regular. In the meantime, I’ll be throwing up links to all the cool shows, events, and podcasts I’ve been doing to promote Significant Zero. I can’t think of another way to organically slip Significant Zero into a sentence, so I’ll just assume you clicked one of these links and purchased 10 copies of Significant Zero because you are smart, attractive, and like nice things.

I pinky swear there will be fewer plugs in the future. Shame, on the other hand, will remain in short supply.

This is going to be fun.