Still Alive

I haven’t posted anything in a while because my house has been ground zero for a stream of low-level plagues. Luckily, we appear to have come out the other side. I have developed a strange cough in the last 24 hours, but I’m telling myself that it’s just a dry throat, and that the taste of blood on the back of my tongue is nothing to worry about.

ANYWAY…. Star Wars Battlefront 2 comes out next week, on November 17. I wrote the single player campaign with my good pal Mitch Dyer. It is a thing of beauty, and I ought to know because I helped make it. So you should definitely buy it.

Here’s a video of Mark Thompson (game director at EA Motive) and I talking about creating Iden Versio, the main character and commander of the Empire’s elite unite, Inferno Squad. Let’s watch it together and wonder what is going on with my hair.


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